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How Does Marijuana Affect Epilepsy

Could marijuana be a beneficial treatment for epilepsy? Naturopaths have long said that Mary Jane can effectively treat the condition, but is there truth to the claim? 

Here, we look into the effectiveness of cannabis as an essential treatment for epilepsy.

Epilepsy Defined

Before we can say whether CBD oil or marijuana has any effect on people who suffer from epilepsy, let’s first define what the condition is. 

Epilepsy is a very mysterious condition that causes havoc on a person’s nervous system. Although it has existed for thousands of years, we don’t seem to be any closer to the cause, other than to say it could be the result of a brain condition that results in seizures. 

The World Health Organization says that millions of people have epilepsy. As such, it ranks fourth in neurological disorders after strokes, migraines and Alzheimer’s. However, it tends to affect more younger people rather than those over 50. 

Medical professionals tend to tell patients that it is uncontrolled electrical bursts in the brain and it triggers random neuronal activity. The cause of epilepsy is still relatively unknown but scientists believe genetics plays an important role. 

Effective treatment for the condition is difficult, and one in every three patients does not respond to the conventional drugs used for treatment. 

Treating epilepsy has been challenging and even surgery is needed sometimes. Even then, some patients do not respond to treatment. 

What Role Does Cannabis Play?

Many people who suffer from epilepsy claim that cannabis can help, although there is no medical proof due to testing. Even so, it looks like cannabis and especially CBD oil may help people who have epilepsy, especially people who are resistant to other types of treatment. 

Studies indicate that THC doesn’t have any anticonvulsant properties for people with epilepsy, but CBD seems to work, especially in children and young adults. 

The use of Cannabis Oil 

People are turning to cannabis oil as a way of staving off epileptic seizures. The purity of the product usually varies, but there seems little difference in the results. The CBD seems to have a positive effect, although the cannabis oil may have more THC effects when produced in other countries. 

The Difference Between CBD and Cannabis Oil

Recently, CBD popularity has soared, especially among people who have epilepsy. The reason is that it appears to have an anticonvulsant effect on people, even more so than THC. Plus, THC is psychotropic and CBD is not. 

CBD also has very few side effects other than drowsiness, whereas THC can cause paranoia and anxiety. 

What Are the Risks?

Some cannabis products have side effects, especially if they contain THC. When you think of using marijuana, you should consider the severity of the seizures. The reaction to cannabis products may be less severe than what they suffer from epileptic seizures. Evey so, all the reactions and the effectiveness need to be taken into consideration. 

For some people, cannabis treatments offer no side effects but do improve their quality of life. While other people say, they have side effects that are not worth the benefits.

CBD oils only contain trace amounts of THC or the hallucinogenic effect, so it is likely to have very few risks. Plus taking an edible or oil has fewer risks than smoking cannabis. Surely it is worth trying CBD or cannabis products to see if they can have a positive effect on epilepsy.