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Medical marijuana is marijuana that’s used to treat medical conditions or disease

With the state laws varying on medical marijuana, more than 2/3 of US states and even DC have legalized this, and more are doing this too. Yet, while many people use this the FDA only approved this for epilepsy conditions. Why hasn’t there been more research? Part of it is because it’s still a schedule I type of drug, along the same levels as LSD ecstasy, and even heroin, and people think that it would be abused. You also need a license to study this one. While this may not change it, they’re considering classifying it as a schedule II type of drug, similar to oxycodone and Ritalin.  There are some agencies that support the push for research into medical marijuana, since there’s a lot of patients and doctors that could benefit from the usage of medical cannabis. Here’s a little bit about medical marijuana, what it is and how it can tret certain conditions. 

What is it? 

Medical marijuana is marijuana that’s used to treat medical conditions or disease. It’s literally the same as the recreational marijuana, but the goal of this is medical reasons. That’s because marijuana has different chemicals in this called cannabinoids, which have a varying rate of effect on the body as well. Dleta-9 is of course THC, and then you also have CBD, bot of which are the two main parts of this. THC is responsible for that “high” you get when you consume marijuana in one way or another.

What can it help with? 

Well, there’s a bunch of conditions that can benefit from this. For example, it can help with Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. If you deal with nausea or losing appetite, whether due to cancer or other conditions, this can help with it. It also can help with immune conditions and diseases including MD or HIV/AIDS.

How can this Help? 

This is due to the cannabinoids that are in there, which help with appetite, movement, memory, and pain. 

Grease monkey strain can be used do lower anxiety in the body, and also reduce the inflammation that’s there and help with pain relief. This can also help with chemotherapy by controlling nausea and vomiting. It’s also good for killing and slowing down cancer cells and the growth of tumors. 

I’s a natural means to help with relaxing your muscles, especially for those with MS. It also can help with weight gain and improving the appetite, giving you the “munchies” which is good for those who have cancer and aids, where the appetite may be killed off. 

It can help with seizures in others, and there are certain drugs and such that are also using CBD in some ways as a therapy to help you. 

So while there’s still much to learn about medical cannabis, it’s imperative to try these out, since it can help.